What is Numerology?

What is Numerology?

What is Numerology?

Numerology is part of Astrology, which completely relies around numbers. It started to gain prevalence in late 20th Century, and is popular in the Western World. Most people think that Numerology only takes into account your birth date or your name, however it is a much larger field, and expert numerologist also take into account your phone no or your home address as they too directly affect you.

In simple terms, every number that is associated with you, has some kind of effect.

Numerology in a broader Sense

Numerology can basically give you accurate readings of your personality. You are born with certain numbers that have direct effect in you. Using numerology, you can learn about the kind of life you will live or what are your strengths and weakness. Perhaps numerology in its true sense, is the best form of astrology, to analyze someones personality. The predictions that you get are precise and can help you get a better sense of yourself and your future.

Now lets talk about the major tools used to predict about your personality and your future.

Life Path Number – This is calculated by adding up all the numbers of your date of birth. It is often regarded as the most important number as it gives you accurate description about the traits you are born with. It predicts the kind of things which you will be good at and gives a description of your true inner nature. It is easily the most broad analysis of you as a person.

How to calculate Life Path Number – It is calculated by singling you all the digits of your date of birth and keep adding them until, you reach a single digit no.

For Example – If you are born on 21st May 1972. So first single out all the digits i.e. 2, 1, 5, 1, 9, 7 & 2. When you add them up you get, 27. Now add 2 & 7, you get 9. So your life path number is 9.

Destiny or Expression Number – Your parents gave you a name and this is what you will live with. This number can help you to understand what will be your life goals and what all opportunities will come across your path. In simple words each person is meant to work is some kind of field and your destiny number can help you figure that out.

How to calculate Destiny Number – You need to take your full birth name and associate every single alphabet with a number, as shown in this image.

Num chart

Then you need to add it up, to determine a number. You will again need to add individual numbers till you get a single number. That will be your destiny number.

Soul Urge Number – Everyone has inner heart desires and cravings and your soul urge number helps you find what they are. It tells you how you go about your daily life and gives an indication about your likes and dislikes.

How to calculate Soul Urge Number – It is calculate by adding up the numbers associated with all the vowels in your name.

Here are the the numbers associated with the vowels.

A – 1

E – 5

I – 9

O – 6

U – 3

So if your name is David Johnson, the vowels in your name are a (1), I (9), O (6) & O (6). Adding the numbers, you get 22. Now add them individually you get 4. So your soul urge number will be 4.

Apart from these there are other numbers which are used to analyze your personality or to give your prediction. Each year the numbers are different for example, the month of March, in 2016, has its own number and this number effects you. This is how numerology is used to give yearly predictions.

Remedies in Numerology

As explained earlier, Numerology is majorly used for personality assessment and to predict the future, However there are few remedies that can help you to alter the effects that numbers have in your life.

Here are few of them:-

Changing your Birth Name – Some numerologist suggest you to alter or change your name. This is used to change your destiny number. This helps to modify the opportunities that come across your life or helps you excel at what you are doing. However, changing your name is a big step and can prove to be disastrous if you don’t take professional advise. We strictly recommend changing your name, if you have major personal or professional issues.

Changing the Little Things – Changing your name can prove to be a big step and it is extremely difficult for most people to do. So numerologists suggest that you can change the little things in your life, for example your phone no. In today’s professional world, your phone no. is a very significant aspect and all your meetings both professional and personal are fixed via your phone. The effect it has in your life may be little, but it adds up. Chaining your phone no. can help you in the longer run, but again do this after seeking expert advise only.

Apart from that, the place you live as a big impact in your life and sometimes when your life seems stuck, it is highly recommended to change your place. Moving can have a huge impact on your personal well being.

Overall, remedies according to numerology are often long term, and you need the changes you need to make to alter the effect of numbers is often significant. It sometimes can fell to overwhelming.

If you are however looking for some make some changes, you can rely on Lal Kitab remedies, which addresses problems according to position of planets. The remedies are simple and cheap, but are known to be effective.

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