How a Bankrupt 54 Year Old Man Brought a House and A Luxury Car with the Help of a Green Saree


This is Mukesh Gupta, and This will be THE SINGLE Most Important Page you have ever Visited in your Life!

You are here to know about some Lal Kitab remedies, well allow me to go ahead and say this, Lal Kitab, offers the best and most effective remedies, that a common man could have asked for.

It has helped many clients, of mine, including bankrupt Vishal Kumar, who literally turned his life around with just a help of a green saree. (More on that later)

What exactly can these remedies help you get:

  • A better career (Get that dream job of yours, or that promotion that means the world to you)
  • Financial Freedom (Drive your dream car or grow your business, or buy anything you want without looking at the price tag)
  • Better Relationship (Meet your dream woman or man, or improve your current relationship and get personal satisfaction you have always lusted for)
  • A Healthy Life (Lead a healthier and a more fulfilling life)

Don’t get me wrong here, these remedies won’t magically give you everything, you still would have to put in effort from your side.

But it helps clear the hurdles caused by bad planets in your Kundli (or Birth Chart), that stop you from living the life you have always craved for.

Consider this, you can see your dream car (let’s say an Audi) parked in front of you. You have the keys to drive it, but in front of you is this “Huge wall” that is preventing you from going to that car. Bad planets in your life act the same way as that wall. But using simple remedies, you can actually remove that wall, and go ahead and drive that car. (You still have walk to it, though).

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Now let’s get to the story of Vishal Kumar.

He was a businessman who probably worked harder than a labourer. He used to work for 18 hours a day, all days of a week. And this was his life for 25 years.

In the period of recession, his business got crushed and with the money he had in his bank, he could only feed his family for 3 months, maximum! (He told me that he even thought of committing suicide)

Obviously, he was desperate, and he met me through a mutual friend. I decided to help him, and in his Kundli, I discovered, that he had a retrograde mercury and a weak Jupiter.

My first priority was to activate his Mercury (planet for wealth) and for that, I suggested him a simple remedy of gifting a Green Saree, to an impotent person. (This is one of most effective remedies for wealth in Lal-Kitab)

Over the next 1 year we worked on several remedies, that helped change the effect of adverse planets and remove the major hurdles, limiting his success.

His day to day tasks, which always created problems, ran smoothly. His investments started to pay dividends, and furthermore new business opportunities, started coming to him, and within two years his business sky-rocketed.

Here, is the review of Vishal Kumar, regarding my service: –

I had to decide between ending my life or watching my family starve. Mukesh Ji has truly given me a new life, and thank his service, I am about to deposit highest ever tax return in my life”. – Vishal Kumar, Businessman, New Delhi

You must be wondering, what remedies I suggested that turned a failed businessman into a success. Here are few of them: –

  • 1 KG Bajra (or millet) to be fed to birds.
  • Sewa of Gau Mata (Black cow in particular)
  • Use of copper coin.

However, I would like to issue a strict warning. Do not try these remedies on your own as they won’t do any good whatsoever, but can also harm your life.

Now allow me to tell you more about myself, I am trained as a Textile Designer and worked in Noida for 16 Years of my life. I accidentally came across a book on Lal Kitab, and ever since that I have never looked back.

For the initial years, I helped my family and close friends. I really enjoyed helping others, and as a result, I kept on reading hundreds of books related to astrology. (And discovered some saucy secrets, that the ‘super rich’ and the greedy ‘pundits’ wants to keep away from you).

But among all of those, there is this one shocking revelation that blew my mind. And today I am going to share that with you. (I hope you are ready)

I was of the opinion that Astrology can merely be used to predict your future, and help you identify your strengths and weakness. Based on your past Karma, there are certain planets that have a negative impact on your life.

That’s where the remedies kick in. Remedies traditionally prescribed by Vedic Astrology (like yagas or poojas) are expensive and far beyond the reach of a common man.

Famous and powerful people like Amitabh Bachan (who conducted a yag for Aishwarya Rai, who was a manglik) and businessman like Ambanis, regularly conduct these remedies.

On the other hand, Lal Kitab, has simple, cheap and effective remedies to reduce the negative effect of planets and also give greater power to the good planets in your Kundli.

Since, Lal Kitab, offers a much more potent and an affordable solution to the common man, a simple measure is used to keep it away from you reach.

And that is called ‘Free Forecasts’ or ‘Astrology Reports’. These are the biggest scam in Astrology industry, and that has rightly given this noble practice, a bad name.

 Most of these so called ‘Gurus’ or ‘Websites’ rely on software to generate the reports or forecasts.

These rely on algorithms to provide the solutions and provide so-called ‘forecasts’ that predict your future.

They only consider the position of 1 or 2 planets in your chart and display the result accordingly.

Don’t believe me, wait I will show you.

One of my clients (Jot), before meeting me, ordered a character report from, one of these websites. This is his report: –
JOT - Character Report

Now here is a character report, of the terrorist, Osama Bin Laden: –
OSAMA - Character Report

As you can see it is exactly the same. This is the problem of software generated reports, they not only give you wrong information but offer remedies that can prove to be disastrous and deadly.

Some, greedy astrologers, have made Some LAL Kitab software’s too, that do the same thing. They have some remedies, which are automatically prescribed to users, and again they can put your life in


All this was a big eye-opener for me (and I am sure it is the same for you). I didn’t want to become such an astrologer and really wanted to help people to the best of my abilities.

Here is how I decided to be different, and at the same time, try to help out my clients. Using your birth details, I prepare your Kundli, and carefully examine ALL the planets. How does this help me? Here’s how-

  • An image is created in my mind of my client (his traits, personality etc.)
  • I get a list of strong and the weak planets.
  • I can carefully analyse what planets need immediate attention.
  • I can also forecast what planets will need attention in the future.

And this ladies and gentleman is my formula, which I have been using for the past 10 years, having helped 100s of my clients. (Remember Jot, who ordered that character report, here is what he to say about my services)

I was a victim of online scammers, who tricked me… I also was terrible in studies and failed in my engineering subjects. Mukesh Sir, not only helped me get better at studies but with his remedies, I have started my very own business, thanks, Sir! “ – Jot Singh, New Delhi, Former Student and Entrepreneur

My formula and my years of experience have helped me, identify “life-changing” remedies, that are simple, cheap and have left my clients with tears of joy.

I can decide and recommend the best remedy for a particular person. Every individual is different, having a different life. So obviously, the remedies that should be offered, need to be different in some way or the other. (No software in this world can do that, they generally give the same remedies)

I am sure you are excited about all this and want to know these ‘god-like’ remedies and for that, I have an ‘Effective’ service for you.

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Here is what I will do before calling you –

  • I will prepare a detailed Kundli, based on your birth details (Place of Birth, Date and Time of Birth).
  • Based on your category of choice, I will prepare some information around it.
  • I will identify your best qualities and what are the most negative things in your life.
  • I will focus on your category and see where the problem is.
  • I will then give you a free call.

So here’s the deal, normally I charge Flat Rs. 5,000 from my offline clients just to meet them (But there is no way you are paying that)

I always wanted to help people through my services, and I have decided to take my services online.

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PS – Here are few of my client reviews and testimonials about my service: –

Remedies given by Mukesh Gupta, have helped me get my dream job in a top company… thanks, sir” – Vibhor Pabreja, Software Engineer, Delhi 

I am a teacher and have been striving hard for my promotion for 6 years. After trying the remedies of Mukesh Ji, I am now promoted to the position of Vice-Principal, in a top School” – Jaswinder Kaur

“I was having health issues, and I am regularly visiting doctors for 3 years… My conditions were getting worse, and I had acute knee pain, my doctors suggested for a replacement. Mukesh not only avoided that, but also I am lot healthier than before” – Sangeeta, Delhi

The life you want to live, is not away from your grasp, you simply have to take the first step. 

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