Energy of Planets

Energy of Planets

To be precise, “energy” is a vibe or frequency which a human body senses or feels within itself, and accordingly change its thought process.

Our thoughts are either negative or positive. You must have experienced this. On hearing some good news or meeting someone you longed to see, a sense of positivity is felt within us. That positivity is actually, the positive energy which makes us feel alive and energetic.

Similarly, each planet has its own energy and it has some kind of effect on every individual. This is the bases of astrology i.e. it is basically the study of how these energies emitted by planets affect an individual. Let us consider an example. The sun’s heat has warm energy within the rays and the moon rays contain the energy of coldness. The human body is surrounded by a layer of energies, which is generally referred in daily life as “aura of the person”. This layer of energies is actually, the effect which different planets are casting on us in every walk of life. We feel these energies, in the same was as we feel the warmness of the sun in the day and the coldness of the moon at night. Since the modern lifestyle is so fast, only a few actually take a notice of these.

Every planet has its own energy, but it effects us according to the position of that planet in our natal chart.
If the sun is not well placed in our natal chart, it will always give negative results on the areas of life. The most vital area the sun controls is a child’s relationship with his or her father. Due to bad positioning of the sun, the relationship of the child with the father can never be smooth because of entirely different thought process. The other major negative effect the bad positioned sun causes is hurdles for individuals working in government sectors. Apart from this, the sun controls an individual’s fame in the society. Individuals with bad position of sun suffer from lack of fame in the society or even immediate family or friends despite being their well-wisher.

Just like the Sun, position of other planets is studied and a complete analysis is made of that individual. As we said earlier, each planet has its own benefits and drawbacks. To reduce the malefic effect of a planet, remedies are prescribed. Remedies can work wonders in someones life, as you are not only treating the negative effect of a planet but also fighting negativity all together.

I personally focus a lot on remedies.

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