A Brief Introduction to Palmistry

A Brief Introduction to Palmistry

Palmistry or study of hands is one of the most ancient methods used to give predictions. Palm readers are spread across the world, and methods for palmistry can be found both in ancient Greece and ancient India.

In this article, we try to explain the basic concepts related to palmistry, how it can help you and what are the limitations.

Basic Concepts of Palmistry

Palmistry doesn’t just take lines into of hands into account but also the shape of the hand. But first the most common question is which hand should be used to make readings. There are different opinions regarding this, however the most trusted readers consider, that if you are right handed, then your left hand shows the traits, personality characters and the destiny you were born with while the left hand shows the actual path you took and the direction of your life according to that.

For left-handers it is the opposite.

Now let’s talk about the major lines and what do they tell.

    • Life Line – This line starts near the index finger and generally extends till the base of the thumb. The common belief is that it predicts the duration of your life, however that is incorrect. It predicts the encounters and relationships you will have in your life, your general health and reveals your emotional as well as physical well-being.Life Line
    • Head Line – Commonly referred as the wisdom line, it reveals the mental state of the individual. This horizontal line extends from the thumb to the index. A straight line generally indicates a short willed individual.
      Head Line
    • Heart Line – The heart line foretells the emotional life of the individual. It starts near the index or middle finger and ends at the smallest finger. It is between the head line and the life line. It can predict the emotional relationships a person will have as well have to what extent do emotions influence his or her decision.Heart Line

The above three, are the major lines used to asses an individual. Apart from there are other minor lines, like Sun line or Children line, which are used to predict intricate details. Mostly minor lines are faint in nature, and some can be totally missing.

Apart from that, mounts on are hand you used to further predict your future. They tell the reader what kind of influence does other planets have on you and how does that affect your mental and emotional state. Lets discuss about a few mounts:

  • Saturn Mount – Located below the middle finger, it predicts the sense of responsibility of an individual. If it is normally elevated, then the individual would be more independent and responsible, however a flat mount indicates a depressed or isolated individual.
  • Jupiter Mount – Considered in Roman Mythology, as an individual’s connection to lord Zeus, it foretells in what way you view the world and what kind of position you aspire for in life. An elevated mounted indicates a humble and ambitious individual while a flat mount marks lack in confidence and insecurity. It is located below the index finger.
  • Moon Mount – Located at base of the hand below the little finger, it determines the creative aspect of the individual. A clear mount indicates that the person will have an artistic personality and will do well in creative areas. However a flat mount suggests that the person will do well in traditional mounts.

Aside from these mounts, Sun Mount and Mars mount are also used to analyze the core traits of the individual.

Finally markings (crosses or tridents) are used to determine the blockages while reading the line. They are not always negative and can sometimes indicate positive things.

How can Palmistry help you?

As mentioned earlier, Palmistry is excellent for a complete personality assessments and can give you a clear indication of areas where you can do well. It also suggests your negative points and you can use them to not only guard yourself but lead a better life.

You will need a learned palmister to give you accurate predictions. You can also find some websites that help you analyze your hand on your own.

Overall, if you have know a good reader, then Palmistry can help you in knowing yourself and predicting what the future has in store for you.

Limitations of Palmistry

Palmistry in 20th Century, comes with limitations too. First up, it is very difficult to find a learned plan reader to give you accurate predictions. Even if you find one, he or she may live thousand of miles away from you and could be completely inaccessible.

There are some tutorials online which can help you analyze your hand on your own, but it is extremely difficult to notice the minute details.

Finally, Palmistry is a good tool for predictions and personality assessment, but it doesn’t offer any protective or remedies to change the influence of certain planets. The lines keep on changing and you cannot really determine the best course of action.

Thus Palmistry can be of great help, but it comes with limitations. However if you want to predict your future, you can use other tools like Numerology and Lal Kitab. Also if you cannot get a good palm reading, don’t feel sad, as destiny is defined by Karma, and even people with no hands, have their share of luck.

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