A brief History of My Life

A brief History of My Life

I am Mukesh Gupta and currently live in New Delhi, India. I got into astrology through chance as I specialized in Textile Engineering. I once read about numerology when I was a kid but mostly my interest was into Science and Studies.

When I was around 25, I came across this ancient form of Astrology, called Lal Kitab. I went through few books, however I was presently surprised. There is a logic behind everything and astrology is nothing but Science. I always believed in traditional ideologies, however I believed astrologers had some kind of power to detect the future and make predictions. Predictions is just a small part of astrology. As I went in-depth I came to know more about it, especially how you can actually do some remedies, to rectify the fault in your stars. It sounded absurd to me too, at first. However I gave some tips to my friends and it actually helped them.

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